A decade of adamelliott.com

Emerson said that “the great majority of men are bundles of beginnings,” and I am certainly no exception. Case in point: this website.

What has occurred at this domain over the past decade seems to mirror, in many ways, what was going on in my life: lots of soul searching, a good deal of indecisiveness, some shameless self-promotion, celebration of random accomplishments, professional networking, and–above all else–a guiding desire to be accepted and meet standards set by others. The end result has evolved through a variety of half-hearted portfolio sites, failed attempts to blog, and lots of ‘Site coming soon…’ notices.

Somewhat ironically, in my pursuit to present an interesting image of myself to the world, it occurs to me that I haven’t really shared much of myself on here at all. As I have advanced in my education, career, and life I am starting to realize that who I am is a lot more valuable than any highly-polished image I could ever project. My daily pursuits tell a better story than any carefully cultivated cemetery of past work and perfectly punctuated biography ever could.

Nietzsche compared life to an impasto painting in which we are scrambling on the surface but not ever able to see the picture from afar. I actually find some comfort in that analogy. Maybe it’s not our job to make sense of everything. And maybe it’s ok to focus on the path and not worry so much about the destination. After all, it’s our failure along the way that leads to knowledge and eventual wisdom. And it’s the diversity of our individual paths, not conformity to established standards, that make us unique and interesting individuals.

Conscious of the future but living in the present, I hope to evolve this site in the coming year to a more authentic blog format focused on my day-to-day life. I’ll still be sharing things I’m making, the code I’m writing, and artwork I’m not finishing (haha), but also including more personal content such as trips I’m taking, people I’m meeting, goals, relationships, politics, history, and family.

Hopefully, in the process, we can both get to know me a bit better.

Thanks for visiting over the past ten years and best wishes for a fulfilling new year! –æ

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