What’s in a Vibe?

Inspired (triggered?) by the isolation of the pandemic, I decided I would build an app to allow anonymous engagement with our world–helping people recognize the good and bad vibes around us.

Concept + Experience

vibe screencast

Users share the vibe in their location by selecting from a randomly generated set of emojis that correspond to a color on a spectrum from bad to good vibes.

In turn, users explore the map to see the vibe in other locations as represented by the colored orbs.

Share the Vibe where you are and explore the map to see the Vibes in other places. Let’s Vibe together.



Vibe was a fun personal project that allowed me to learn a variety of AWS services and deepen my understanding of modern front end frameworks. The best part was sharing vibe with my friends and seeing the Vibes show up across the country (and even a few further). It’s continues to be fun to see the map change over time.

I’ve received a lot of user feedback and, as always, have more ideas than time. If I do dig into Vibe more, I will likely pursue: user accounts using AWS cognito and social sign-on, topic-based maps, time based animations of the vibes. There is also a lot fun opportunities for Vibe clothing and wearables.